Fast Forward News

Fast Forward News

Carolina Arts, "Two Fall Exhibits Explore Youth Culture And Media Influences at Center for Documentary Studies in Durham, NC" - October, 1999
Celebrity, appearances, money, possessions -- and Hollywood's messages about their importance -- are the backdrop for photographer Lauren Greenfield's award-winning exploration of youth culture in Los Angeles.

Tucson Weekly, "Lauren Greenfield's 'Fast Forward' Is A Frightening Vision Of Coming Of Age In America" - September 14, 1998
The change from Adams' elegant black-and-white to Greenfield's jangly color is minor compared to the sea change in the cultural construction of adolescence documented by the two photographers.

The New York Times, "PHOTOGRAPHY REVIEW; Facing a Rear View Aimed at Insights" - December 19, 1997
Lauren Greenfield's ''Brandon, 13, and His Mother at His Bar Mitzvah Party'' in Santa Monica shows a boy in profile quite close to a woman with her back to us.

Fortune Magazine, "Collections for the Top Shelf as a Banner Year for Photo Books Winds Down to the Gift-Giving Season, Here Are Some of the Best of the Crop"
- December 8, 1997

PDN Magazine, "Comin of Age in the Multimedia Melting Pot" - July, 1997
Fast Forward, by Lauren Greenfield, is a book that inspires both hope and despair about the role of the media in American life.

The New York Times, "When Youth Is Wasted on the Young" - June 20, 1997
'Fast Forward'' documents the world of youngsters on both sides of the tracks in Los Angeles, but Ms. Greenfield evokes that world as an unusually empathetic outsider with the superb eye of a Garry Winogrand.

PBS, "Hollywood's Child" - June 2, 1997
A remarkable collection of photographs on the teenagers of Los Angeles has been recently published.

New York Times, "Like, Duh: a Mercedes Instead Of A BMW for Graduation? As If"
- May 25, 1997
The results, a series of striking photographs and equally striking interviews with the subjects, are on display in ''Fast Forward: Growing Up in the Shadow of Hollywood.''

Deseret Morning News, "'Fast Forward' is Honest, Unforgiving."
It is a thought-provoking exhibition that will leave viewers — especially viewers raising teenagers — shaking their heads., "Critical Eye- Lauren Greenfield's Fast Forward."
And as a result, her work seems more honest and open, more brutally candid, than almost any documentary in recent memory.


Fast Forward Press Quotes

Le Monde, "A jolting and terrifying journey into the cult of appearances"

- Michel Guerrin

National Geographic, "The best sociological work I've seen in 20 years"

- Tom Kennedy, Director of Photography

Doubletake, "Greenfield's disturbing and transfixing portraits reveal a loss more horrific than lost innocence...(and she) brilliantly captures the way celebrity and image culture sucks everything in its hollow vortex"

- Susan Faludi

American Book Review, "These are perhaps the most significant series of photographs of American adolescents and adolescent culture since Mary Ellen Mark's Streetwise." - Jan Susina, 

Daily News, "Greenfield's photos may become to the 90's what David Hockney's paintings of languid poolside patrons were to the 60s, an image of a culture frozen in self–reflection."

Los Angeles Times, "If you are having a good day, don't pick up this book. It will stab you in the heart."

Sunday Star Ledger, "A keen observer of the human condition." 


Book Forum, "A roller coaster ride of too much sex, drugs, surgery and shopping..."

- Michael Musto 


Jewish Journal, "The Fellini–esque circus atmosphere in these candid pictures document an excess that would make Phillip Roth blush."

Entertainment Weekly, "Her camera veers expertly from manicured, blue–white Malibu and Beverly Hills to Compton and East LA, where grafitti crawls over buses and bodies.


LA Times Book Review, "The kids in Fast Forward are obsessed with money, the flaunting of it, the grubbing for it. Even those wealthy enough to be able to ignore it have a near–Balzacian awareness of it."

Photo District News, "A book that inspires both hope and despair about the role of the media in American life."