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"Exhibit celebrates girls of 21st century," Libby Keeling -
October 14, 2006

High school girls will have an opportunity to view Lauren Greenfield's Girl Culture exhibit Sunday and express their reactions to her documentary of girls in the 21st century.

The afternoon of free activities, hosted by Girls in Bloom, will begin at 12:30 p.m. with a guided tour of the exhibit, Imperfect Beauty, as well as Greenfield's photographs and transcribed interviews on display at the Evansville Museum.

At 2 p.m., participants will visit Central Library, where they may select from drama, drawing, writing or mask-making workshops to capture their reactions to Greenfield's reflection of a society measuring girls' worth by the shape and size of their bodies.

"The idea is that through these workshops they'll be able to process what they saw in the Girl Culture exhibit. The Girl Culture Exhibit is designed to make you think," said Patty Avery, director of Girls in Bloom, a volunteer organization promoting healthy self-esteem.

The workshops will be led by Avery of Old National Bank, Katie Waters of the University of Southern Indiana, Carla Wood of Ivy Tech State College, Tania Whitlock of the YMCA and children's librarians Maryann Mori and Cheryl Soper.

"The goal of Girl Culture was to stimulate the community conversation around these issues," Avery said. "And that's been our goal from the very beginning." Sunday's Girls in Bloom/Girl Culture events will be documented in photography and videography for inclusion in Greenfield's archive of community responses to the exhibit. Girl Culture will remain on display through Dec. 3.